Dennen’s culture is more than something we talk about; it is something we live daily.

The four pillars of our operating principles consists of our Core Values, Envisioned Future, Mission, and Quality Policy. These principles serve as the foundation for how we engage with our associates, customers, suppliers, community, and shareholders. It is how effectively we apply these principles that sets us apart from other organizations and serves as a guide for our future success.


Culture of Trust

We believe in our associates and have empowered them to make decisions. We expect fair treatment and respect amongst each other while holding one another accountable to do what is right.

Operational Excellence

We believe in a mindset of continual improvement and a collaborative approach to problem solving, focused on achieving total business effectiveness as measured by our operational metrics. We expect our associates to actively engage in making the business better.

Everyone Benefits

We believe that all stakeholders should be heard and respected. We expect every associate to contribute to the success of the team, and every stakeholder should benefit from the success of the team.

Bias for Action

We believe in action over inaction, without fear of failure.
We expect our associates to try new things, take risks, and learn from their mistakes.

Team Excellence

We believe in open and honest communication without fear of judgement. We expect every associate to be self-motivated and collaborate to achieve our business objectives.

Envisioned Future

Evolve and expand our legacy with focused strategies that provide exceptional value and earning respect as a manufacturer for a select few by 2025.


  • Add value to our customers.
  • Contribute to the economical growth of our community.
  • Contribute to the stability and well-being of our team members.
  • Contribute to the overall profitable growth of Dennen Steel Corp.

Quality Policy

  • Customer Focused.
  • Integrity Driven.
  • Unquestionable Quality and Product Safety
    through Continual Improvement.


Our Legacy

For over 70 years Dennen Steel Corp. has been growing and evolving into a world class manufacturing company.

We have built a culture that provides opportunity for our associates to develop both their technical skills and their leadership skills.  We work daily to protect our culture so that we attract the industries best and brightest talent.

At Dennen, we believe our legacy is written every day, by every associate, through the work we do.


3rd Generation Family Ownership

Joe Meinke named President

Advisory Board formed


Expanded Value Added Capabilities

Added resistance & robotic arc welding

Implemented Shopfloor Connect data collection & reporting


Contract Manufacturing

Transitioned company to being a contract manufacturer

Opened Burns Harbor facility, Class A (external) blanking


2nd Generation Family Ownership

Steel chemistry & mechanical property testing

Roller leveler added, cranes upgraded to 60,000 lbs capacity


Added Press Lines

Production of configured blanks


Expanded Customer Base

General Motors largest customer

Diverse industries served – appliance, furniture, environmental


Moved Into Fruit Ridge Facility

57,000 Sq Ft – Added first slitting line

Added steel metallurgist & technical resources to staff


Distribution Facility Built

25,000 Square Foot facility on Turner Ave in Grand Rapids


Cyron Dennen Starts Company

Dennen Steel Supply Co.- Steel Brokerage Company

Located on Third Street in Grand Rapids

Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency - 2023 Veteran-Friendly Employer

3033 Fruit Ridge Ave NW
Grand Rapids, MI  49544